Researchers and areas of expertise

Additive manufacturing

Commonly known as industrial 3D printing, additive manufacturing processes gradually build parts up by progressively adding layer upon layer of material based on three-dimensional computer designs.

Advanced materials

The field of advanced materials involves the development of new materials, modifications to existing materials and improvements to associated process technologies to obtain superior products.

Advanced robotics and mechatronics

Numerous engineering disciplines converge in the design, construction, operation and use of autonomous, or partly autonomous, machines capable of replicating human actions.

Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things

Also known as the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 involves automation and data exchange in manufacturing, using the IoT and other cutting-edge technologies to enable smart factories.

Nanotech manufacturing

Nanotech manufacturing, or nanomanufacturing, involves the production of improved materials, structures, devices and systems at the nanoscale using top-down or bottom-up approaches.

Product Design

Product design and development drives the economic success of most companies and depends on a deep understanding of stakeholder needs and the capability to safely, effectively and efficiently incorporate those needs in novel, competitive, robust and environmentally responsible product designs.