English for Multilingual Speakers

English for Multilingual Speakers (EMLS) sections of Arts First Courses

The Arts First program is committed to providing English Language Learners with choices related to the degree of English language support they would like to have in ARTS 130/140. No English language learning student is required to take an EMLS section of these courses. Instead, these students are offered the opportunity to enrol in an EMLS section of the courses if they wish.

Students may ask you for advice about which course might best suit their needs. In these situations, it may be helpful to know what EMLS sections of ARTS 130/140 can offer students. Here are some things you can tell students.

EMLS sections of ARTS 130/140 are equivalent to non-EMLS sections of ARTS 130/140 courses. They address the same course objectives and fulfill the same program requirements. In addition, they offer English language support by providing:

  • attention to vocabulary development, and deepening all aspects of word knowledge;
  • attention to phonetics, drawing attention to aspects of sound production that challenge students and their listeners;
  • attention to the linguistic structures (grammar) of English that students can use to accomplish specific functions like persuading, expressing critical thoughts, complaining appropriately, conceding and refuting, etc.;
  • specific techniques for paraphrasing and summarizing;
  • clear connections between academic integrity and cultural values.

If your students are interested in knowing more about the EMLS sections of ARTS 130/140, they may contact Julia Williams at julia.williams@uwaterloo.ca or Pat Skinner at pskinner@uwaterloo.ca.