How you'll enrol

New Arts students must successfully complete Arts First courses ARTS 130 and ARTS 140 to meet the Undergraduate Communication Requirement.

  • Both courses should be completed in your first year, one in fall term and one in winter term*.
  • You can take them in any order, but take only one Arts First course at a time.
  • Each section of ARTS 130 and ARTS 140 has a different topic, but overall the learning outcomes and goals are the same for all topics in each course. 

To prepare to add ARTS 130 or 140 to your fall course schedule, follow the steps below BEFORE July 30.

Note: Students co-registered at St. Jerome's (STJ), please select an ONLNJ designated section (ARTS 130 ONLNJ - SEM 044, 045, or ARTS 140 ONLNJ - SEM 042, 043).

Note: All GBDA students will be added to a section of ARTS 130 or 140 that fits in their schedule. You will be able to view which section you were added to when the schedule is updated. You have the option to attempt to swap into a different section if you wish, but should recognize your options are limited. Do NOT drop the section you are in. Please use the swap function only to attempt to make a change to your schedule.

    Need to make changes to your other classes in Quest? Use the swap function (screen recording)- it's the safest way to try to switch one class for another. You can also add classes (screen recording) if you don’t see all the courses you requested. Check the Quest FAQ page for more helpful instructions.