How you'll enrol

New Arts students must successfully complete both Arts First courses, ARTS 130 and ARTS 140, to fulfill the Undergraduate Communication Requirement.

  • Both courses should be completed in your first year, one in the Fall term and one in the Winter term. For example, if you completed ARTS 130 in Fall, you should enrol in ARTS 140 in Winter, and vice versa.
  • You can take them in any order, but only one Arts First course can be taken at a time.
  • You cannot repeat an Arts First course if you have previously successfully completed it.
  • Each section of ARTS 130 and ARTS 140 has a different topic, but the overall learning outcomes and goals are the same for all topics in each course. 

To prepare to add ARTS 130 or ARTS 140 to your course schedule, follow the steps below BEFORE the Course Drop/Add period begins.

Note: Students co-registered at St. Jerome's (STJ) are encouraged to select a St. Jerome's (campus STJ) designated section. For assistance, please email your St. Jerome's academic advisor.

Fall and Winter term enrolment

Step 1: Review the list of Arts First topics and note your top choices

  1. Review the upcoming term's Arts First topic descriptions for ARTS 130 or ARTS 140.
  2. Make a list of topics you're interested in.
  3. Note the class number for the topics you're interested in - this will help you when adding a topic in Quest.

WHY DO I NEED A LIST? You might not get into your first choice topic when you try to enrol, since a maximum of 25 students can enrol in each ARTS 130 or ARTS 140 section. Sections can fill up fast, so you will need to have some back-up options ready.

HOW DO I FIND THE CLASS NUMBER FOR A TOPIC? Class numbers (and other details such as section number, meet time, classroom, etc.) can be found in the Schedule of Classes ABOVE the topic title. See the below screenshot for examples of topics with their associated section details highlighted.

ARTS 140 Schedule of Classes screenshot with highlighting around each topic and class details

STEP 2: Add your Arts First course in Quest

For Winter 2024, Arts First courses will be available to add once open enrolment begins on November 22 at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time. Open enrolment is the first day of the Drop/Add Period where all undergraduate students have equal access to make changes to their term class schedule (add, drop, swap) in Quest.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Add Period continues beyond your appointment time, until the last day to add classes for the term selected.

Follow the steps below to add your Arts First topic:

1. Once logged into Quest, in the Enroll tab, click add.

2. a. Type the 4-digit class number (found in the Schedule of Classes ABOVE the topic title) for your first choice topic into the “Enter Class Nbr” box, then click enter. If you don’t know the class number, follow step 2. b.

ARTS 140 Schedule of Classes screenshot with highlighting around each topic and class details
screen shot showing where to find the enroll tab and the add tab

2. b. If you don’t know the class number, Click search under the Find Classes heading.

screen shot showing the button to click for searching a class number

Enter “ARTS” in the Subject field and either “130” or “140” in the Course Number field, depending on which course you’d like to add.

Screen shot of spaces to enter course codes

If you use the 4-digit class number, your search results will list that specific topic section(s).

If you do a class search, your search results will list all topic sections.

Click the select button next to your preferred topic. Proceed with the next steps until you have the option to select finish enrolling.

Screen shot showing what the classes look like when they are found.

A green checkmark will appear in the Status column if you’ve successfully enrolled in your preferred topic.

If a red X appears with an error message, it means the course wasn’t added successfully, and you’ll need to try adding a different topic.

Screen shot showing the where to see if the course was added successfully.

3. To confirm you have successfully enrolled in ARTS 130 or ARTS 140, look back at your list of classes.

In this example, the student is enrolled in ARTS 130, class number 4179. From the Schedule of Classes they know that the topic title of class number 4179 is “Community for Mental Health."

Screen shot showing the Arts First course along with the other courses.

Spring term enrolment

Arts First courses are offered online-only in the spring term. This is the only term you can request ARTS 130 or ARTS 140 during the Course Selection Period - for Spring 2024 this runs from January 29 to February 6.

If you miss requesting an Arts First course during the Course Selection Period, you can add it during the Course Drop/Add Period.

Need more help?

Students co-registered at St. Jerome’s University:

You are encouraged to select a St. Jerome's (campus STJ) designated section (ARTS 130 sections 004 and 005, or ARTS 140 sections 002 and 003). For assistance, please email your St. Jerome's academic advisor.

Students co-registered at Renison University College:

  • Social Development Studies (SDS) students and Honours Arts Co-op students (with an interest in majoring in SDS), please book an advising appointment with your academic advisor.
  • Honours Arts or Honours Arts and Business students, please book an advising appointment by emailing Shari Schultz.

Need to make changes to your other classes in Quest? 

Use the swap function (screen recording) - it's the safest way to try to switch one class for another. You can also add classes (screen recording) if you don’t see all the courses you requested. Check the Quest Undergraduate students page for more helpful instructions.