Project updates and progress

November/ December update

SLC updates

From Monday, December 11, 2017 to early January 2018, 90% of the cafeteria seating area in the SLC will be closed. Hoarding will stretch from the Brubaker’s emergency exit beside Subway to the Campus Bubble entrance. Access to this area is being limited in order to allow for excavation against the SLC’s existing foundation to begin safely. This work is expected to take approximately four weeks, weather permitting.

The Ring Road, Turnkey and Brubaker's (Pita Pit) entrances to the building will continue to be accessible during this time and all retail outlets and services in the building will remain open. Updated signage to help guide students in and around the building will be posted in the interim.

To compensate for the loss of student space during this phase of construction, additional tables will be added to the SLC Marketplace and the Multi-Purpose room on the main level. The Great Hall will remain open for use during this time. Twenty-seven temporary, quiet study area seats have also been created in the Math and Computer building, room 2037A.

PAC updates

Navigation of the PAC remains top-of-mind for Athletics and Recreation staff. In order to reflect the new layout and flow of the building, entrances will no longer be distinguished by “blue” and “red,” and instead will be relabeled based on their geographic location in early 2018. Currently, the two accessible entrances to the building are the former Red South and Blue South corners, now known simply as “South” and “West,” respectively.

Demolition and asbestos abatement continues to various areas of the building, including change rooms. There will be changes for female users with new temporary space being assigned as of January. More changes will come later in the term for both men and women. Please refer to wayfinding signage when looking for current amenities, or visit the temporary service desk location on the east corner of the main floor for assistance.

Excitingly, the former squash courts on the red side of the building are no more. This now open-concept area will soon host the PAC’s 11,000 square foot fitness facility, which includes the climbing wall. Take a look through the photos from the construction site below to see how far the PAC’s interior has come in just seven months.

For up-to-date information about the SLC/PAC expansion project, including entrance closures and service disruptions, follow the #UWSLCPAC hashtag on Twitter.