Project updates and progress

September 2018 Update

 SLC updates:

Work in the SLC dining area is moving from the construction phase to finishing up the final details required for occupancy. The flooring and signs have been installed in the dining area by Brubaker’s. Plumbing and IT services are being installed, along with equipment and millwork, in preparation for opening the dining area and new food service outlets later in September.

PAC updates:

The men’s change room in the PAC is in the final stages. Tile and partitions have been installed. Plumbing and other finishing are in progress with the expectation that the men’s change room will be ready for opening in late September. The hallway access to the pool has been tiled.

Expansion building update:

Construction is progressing on the new building that will be the SLC/PAC Expansion.  The most obvious above-ground work is the large concrete towers that house the building staircase and elevator shaft. The below grade concrete work is complete including footings, storage areas, etc.

For up-to-date information about the SLC/PAC expansion project, including entrance closures and service disruptions, follow the #UWSLCPAC hashtag on Twitter.