Flight training

A plane flying over a farm.

Upon completing the University of Waterloo Aviation program, you will possess Transport Canada pilot qualifications (Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), Multi-Engine Rating, and Instrument (IFR) Rating) along with an enhanced understanding of geography/science and aviation developed through your academic studies at the university.

This unique four-year degree program incorporates three types of instruction:

  1. University-level geography/science and aviation courses taught by university professors
  2. One-on-one in-aircraft flight training with a flight instructor, complemented with Preparatory Ground Instruction (PGI)
  3. Professional pilot theory courses taught by a Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre (WWFC) instructor

Waterloo operates three semesters a year:

  • Fall (September - December)
  • Winter (January - April)
  • Spring (May - August)

When you begin your degree in September your focus will be on academic studies at the university. In January of your first year you will begin flight training at WWFC in addition to your university courses. In May you typically do not take university courses and focus entirely on flight training, beginning with two solid weeks of classroom-based ground school and followed by in-aircraft training until milestones are complete. Studying through the summer allows the majority of students to finish their four-year degrees early, allowing for expedited graduation and entry into the job market.