A pilot inspecting the plane wing

The University of Waterloo has a long history of being a leader in computer science, engineering, math, and other fields. However, in recent years, Waterloo has also become the home to Canada’s largest university-level aviation program. With more than 300 student pilots as part of our campus community, this creates a unique ecosystem to support aviation-applied research.

Multidisciplinary faculty members at the University of Waterloo are launching innovative studies to explore cutting-edge aviation questions, strategically placed to intersect state-of-the-art research questions with industry needs. Our goal is to work collaboratively with the aviation and aerospace industries and regulatory bodies to advance and support a sustainable Aviation industry nationally and globally.

Research Themes

A theme of Waterloo’s aviation research is on Engaging the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (ENGAP) to support the sustainable development of the air transport industry.

What is ENGAP Research?

Engaging the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (ENGAP) is an emerging field of aviation-applied research. It explores questions about how to attract, educate, and retain the next generation of aviation professionals. This work is multi-disciplinary, drawing expertise from education, human resources, cognitive psychology, optometry, artificial intelligence, engineering and many other fields. This work is done in collaboration with international partners including ENGAP U.K.

NGAP research