Ongoing projects

This is only a short list of projects - we are too busy doing the work to update things too often!

Field testing of the hygrothermal performance of highly-insulated wood frame walls for Canadian NetZero Energy homes is being undertaken to develop confidence that condensation, rain penetration, and construction moisture can be well managed with new designs.

With industrial-government sponsorship we continue to monitor heat and moisture of the enclosures in several buildings in the field -- roofs, historical retrofits, and curtainwall shadow boxes are several projects.

Energy modelling and simulation studies of whole building performance using various strategies have been conducted and we continue to investigate the optimum mix of strategies for different building types and systems.

A significant effort has been invested in studying low-density foam concrete as a building and structural material in the last several years: strength, stiffness, creep, shrinkage, R-value,and freeze-the resistance have been comprehensively investigated across a range of densities.