BEG Simulations and Computer Modeling

BEG uses advanced computer simulations and modeling systems to predict and understand heat and moisture storage and transport through the multi-layered assemblies of porous materials that make up most building enclosures. This helps us understand the influence of weather and interior conditions on the durability and energy efficiency of building enclosures.

We use software packages such as WUFI Pro, WUFI2D, HEAT2D and Therm. We often add custom pre- and post-processor enhancements developed through our research to these packages to extend their utility and accuracy. The complex interaction of heat flow through building systems can be modeled using DOE2.1, Enerpass, Energy-10, ESP-r, and Building Design Advisor. The use of detailed hourly simulations is the only way to ensure that a building design process can iterate to the best solution (economical and sustainable for example) using the correct mix of strategies and technologies.