About Building Engineering Group

Who we are - our research

BEG is the building engineering group at the University of Waterloo, a multi-disciplinary research group that undertakes research, development, and demonstration (R, D & D) for the building industry.

BEG is a research organization within the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Waterloo but operating together with the School of Architecture. It was founded by Professor Eric Burnett over 40 years ago.

BEG is currently directed by John Straube, who has a joint appointment with the Civil Engineering Department and the School of Architecture. He also helped develop and currently teaches the Architectural Engineering program.

Since 1981, BEG has developed considerable expertise in many facets of buildings and building performance (moisture control, mould, energy conservation and passive heating and cooling, roofing, wood-framed buildings, masonry veneer, exterior insulation finishing systems and basements to name a few). Graduate students from both architecture and engineering are assisted by civil engineering lab technicians and faculty from both Faculties to conduct research.

See also John Straube's Consulting site for more info.