Verification of Illness Services

an icon of a certification sealUniversity of Waterloo verification of illness certificates are available for students who are unable to attend labs and examinations or are late with major assignments. 

  1. Your faculty determines academic accommodation for medical reasons; therefore we advise you to speak with your professor if you anticipate being unable to fulfill academic requirements because you are sick.
  2. Attend University of Waterloo Campus Wellness or your family healthcare practitioner during the illness to receive appropriate medical care and an accurate diagnosis.
  3. Bring the University of Waterloo Verification of Illness Form (PDF) with you to be completed by your healthcare practitioner. 
  4. There is no need for students who have seen a healthcare practitioner off-campus to have their Verification of Illness certificates verified by an on-campus healthcare practitioner.
  5. Please be aware that your healthcare practitioner may charge a fee for completion of the Verification of Illness.
  6. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the Verification of Illness reaches the appropriate recipient for review.
  7. Students should only accept a completed Verification of Illness form from a healthcare practitioner if it accurately reflects the student’s actual condition.

For more information, see the Undergraduate CalendarAssignments, Tests, and Final Exams, and Petition procedures (Policy 70)