List of fees

Current fees as of February 2, 2024.

All values are in Canadian dollars (CAD$)

No taxes apply except for workshops (subject to 13% HST)


Please read our terms and conditions before placing your order for live cultures.

  15 mL 30 mL 45 mL 100 mL* 200 mL* 1 L*
Non-profit $150 $195 $220 $255 $300 $415
For-profit $200 $260 $290 $340 $400 $550

*Quantities of 100 mL or larger (up to 6L) are available for select strains. Please contact the Technical Curator for strain selection and/or pricing.

Please allow a minimum of 3 week's preparation time for orders greater than 45 mL. The larger the quantity, the greater the time required. Slower-growing strains will also require more time.


Media is supplied as "ready-to-use" (sterile, fully-prepared).

per L per type of medium 1L - 2L 3L or more
Non-profit $65 $60
For-profit $85 $80


Concentrates for BBM, 3N BBM, BG-11, CHU-10, f/2, MAM, or WC are currently available. Concentrates may be purchased as sterile or non-sterile solutions and require dilution, pH adjustment, and sterilization by the customer.

Enough [ ] to prepare x amount of full-strength medium 5L (nonsterile/ sterile) 10L (nonsterile/ sterile) 20L (nonsterile/ sterile) 50L (nonsterile/ sterile) 100L (nonsterile/ sterile)
Non-profit $45/$70 $75/$105 $115/$150 $165/$210 $225/$285
For-profit $60/$90 $100/$140 $150/$200 $220/$280 $300/$380

Larger quantities of concentrate (enough to prepare 200 L, 250 L, 500 L, and 1000 L) may also be available. Please contact the Technical Curator for pricing.

Shipping and handling

Cultures are shipped with Priority shipping so that they have the best chance of viability upon receipt. Actual cost will vary dependent upon size, weight, and destination. Please contact the Technical Curator for closer estimates.

Prepaid shipping:

Shipped via UWaterloo courier account. Cost includes Customs fees for International shipments. The following shipping and handling fee will be applied:

Destination Shipping fee - Minimum Shipping Fee - Estimated Maximum Handling Fee
Canada $20 $70 $5
USA $45 $100 $25
Europe $65 $140 $25
Other $85 $180 $25

Collect shipping:

Customer provides their courier account number (Purolator or FedEx for domestic shipments; FedEx for international shipments). International customers responsible for Customs fees. The following handling fee will be applied:

Destination Handling Fee
Canada $5
International $20


  1-day 2-day extra person
Non-profit $500 $1000 add 50%
For-profit $700 $1400 add 50%


Deposit = $15 per vial ($150 minimum)*
Annual storage fee = $20 per vial
Withdrawal = $15 per vial ($150 minimum)*

*Customer also responsible for shipping and dry ice fees.


Minimum $250 per annum per strain

Consultation fees

Billed in 15 minute increments

Non-profit:  $60 per hour

For-profit: $80 per hour