Additional services


Due to the frequency of telephone and email requests for detailed information we are implementing a consultation fee for this service. There will now be a charge for time spent on these consultations in excess of 15 minutes at a rate of $60/hour (non-profit customers) and $80/hour (for-profit customers) billed in 15 minute increments.

Safe-deposit of cultures

The CPCC will maintain cultures on a confidential basis for a fee which varies according to the strain.

If the material is sent to us cryopreserved, the charge for deposit, storage, and withdrawal is on a per vial basis (please see List of Fees). Cryopreserved material will be shipped on dry ice via overnight courier and will incur a shipping surcharge. Large quantities of cryopreserved vials (>50) may be eligible for a price reduction.

If not cryopreserved, an annual minimum charge will apply (please see List of Fees); this may increase if the culture requires frequent subculturing (>5 times/year) and/or requires media not currently used by the CPCC. The charge will be evaluated ~4 months after receipt of the actively-growing culture. Once annually, the depositor will be eligible to receive one subculture of each strain at half-price plus shipping if so desired.

Please note that due to time constraints and loss of funding, cryopreserved material is preferred but live material may be considered. Before sending any material for deposit please contact the curator for further information.

Routine deposit of cultures

Researchers who have isolated strains from areas of interest to the CPCC may request to deposit these strains provided the following conditions are met:

  1. the strain must be either axenic or at least unialgal/unicyanobacterial
  2. it should be identified to species if possible
  3. the depositor agrees that the strain be made available to the research community without restriction

Please note that due to time constraints and loss of funding, acceptance of new strains to the CPCC will be limited. Prior to sending cultures to CPCC please contact the curator. If accepted, completed accession forms must be provided prior to shipping or accompany the shipment of cultures.