CPCC Toxic Strain Release Material Transfer Agreement

Before cultures of toxin-producing organisms can be supplied by the CPCC, we require written assurances from a responsible individual (e.g. Director or Chair of department or lead scientist). This includes the purpose for which the culture is sought, assurance that the purpose is commensurate with public safety, and assurance that proper disposal of discarded toxic cells and cellular material is understood and planned. Please complete the following form and return it to us when ordering a toxin-producing strain.

Name of responsible person
Material Transfer Agreement
(a) I understand that cultured cells or materials derived from cells of this strain must be treated as toxic organic chemicals.
(b) I will dispose of cells and cellular materials properly and in a safe manner that meets all provincial, state and federal requirements for toxic disposal. Prior to disposal, adding bleach to a final concentration of 10% v/v overnight is recommended.
(c) I will not distribute these cultures to others outside my immediate working group without permission from the CPCC.
(d) I will acknowledge CPCC in any publications resulting from use of the strain.