CAMJ graduate student won the "Paul Niessen-Teck Award"!

Thursday, October 14, 2021

CAMJ group is honored to congratulate its PhD candidate in his recent achievement!

Muhammad Shehryar Khan was awarded the Paul Niessen-Teck Award!

Congratulations to Muhammad Shehryar Khan for winning the Paul Niessen-Teck Award. This award consists of a medal and $2,000 awarded annually to one or two students who demonstrate leadership and skill in the Materials Science and Manufacturing Laboratories of the MME Department. It is in memory of Professor Paul Niessen, a distinguished member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering who had a long association with Cominco Ltd. 

Muhammad Shehryar Khan is a PhD candidate co-supervised by Elliot Biro and Norman Zhou of CAMJ with his PhD project on “application of colloidal graphite to a weld (C addition to the weld pool) in Al-Si coated press-hardened steel improves post-welding mechanical properties”.

Congratulations Shehryar and We wish you all the success today and always!