Date Seminar title Speaker
May 3 Double-sided arc welding of magnesium alloys - Abstract (PDF) Gerald Shuck
May 10 Introduction of RIST and Mg welding activitiy - Abstract (PDF) Dr. Mok-Young Lee
May 17 Determination of surface premelting point of silver nanoparticles by molecular dynamics simulation - Abstract (PDF) Hani Alarifi
May 24 First light and first image - Abstract (PDF) Dr. Anming Hu
May 31 Comparison of mechanical properties of Pd coated Cu wires - Abstract (PDF) Dr. Wan Ho Song
June 7 Application of aluminum based nano-thermites for dissimilar joining of copper to glass - Abstract (PDF) Golnaz Bohlouli
June 14 Control synthesis of Pd nanocubes via replacement reaction with etching process - Abstract (PDF) Peng Peng
June 21 Making smart materials smarter? - Abstract (PDF) Dr. Ibraheem Khan
June 28 Fabrication of a novel monolithic NiTi based shape memory microgripper via multiple memory material processing - Abstract (PDF) Matthew Daly
July 5 Dynamic actuation of a multiple memory material processed nitinol linear actuator - Abstract (PDF) Andie Pequegnat
July 12 Heterogeneous nucleation on second-phase particle - Abstract (PDF) Lin Xiao
July 19 Resistance microwelding of nitinol - Abstract (PDF) Yongde Huang
July 26 Effects of curing agents (phenolic vs. DICY) and drilliing methods (laser vs. mechanical drilling) on CAF formation - Abstract (PDF) Stacey Chen
August 2 National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Politechnical Instituteā€ Welding Faculty - Welding faculty's presentation I (PPT) Welding faculty's presentation II (PPT) Professor Valeriy Kuznetsov
August 9 No title Alex Berlin
August 9 Early stage phase formation in steel-Ni-Mg alloy system during laser brazing process by FactSage - Abstract (PDF) Ali Nasiri
August 16 Analysis of a Gleeble-treated DP780 Dave Huang