Date Seminar title Speaker Location
May 3 CAMJ Safety Presentation (PDF ) Daniel Westerbaan E5-3052
May 10 Failure Characterization and Damage Modelling of Resistance Spot Welds in Hot-Stamped Steel (Abstract PDF ) Alireza Mohammadizadeh E5-2004
May 17

The benefits of TiO2 photocatalytic oxidation as a method ...(Abstract PDF)

In-memory computing using memristive devices (Abstract PDF)

Shasvat Rathod

Shubham Ranjan

May 24 Comparing hot-wire GMAW in terms of hot wire polarity, weld direction, and contact tip.... (Abstract PDF ) Rafael A. Ribeiro E5-3052
May 31

Introduction to central composite design and statistical interpretation 

Role of Spot Weld Electrode Geometry on Liquid Metal Embrittlement Crack Development (Abstract Docx )

Liu (Josh) He

Christopher DiGiovanni


June 7 A brief Introduction of Electrospark Deposition (Abstract PDF ) Pablo Enrique E5-2004
June 21 Decoration of TiO2 NWs Based Self-powered Devices by Silver Nano Materials and Polymers (Abstract PDF ) Zhuang (Casey) Hui E5-2004