Following is a list of students currently pursuing research at the Centre. Students may be reached by their email listed below. Check WatIAM for anyone not on the list.

Current Members
Name Department Degree Contact
Maliha Ahmed Applied Math Masters email
Isam Al-Darabsah Applied Math Postdoc email
Sean Aubin Systems Design Engineering Masters email
Peter Blouw Philosophy PhD email
Xuan Choo Computer Science PhD email
Marina Chugunova Applied Math PhD email
Peter Duggins Systems Design Engineering Masters email
Jan Gosmann Systems Design Engineering PhD email
Eric Hunsberger Systems Design Engineering PhD email
Syaheed Jabar Psychology PhD email
Ivana Kajić Computer Science PhD email
Brent Komer Computer Science Masters email
Mariah Martin-Shein Computer Science Masters email
Jennie Newman Applied Math Masters email
Ryan Orr Computer Science Masters email
Sugandha Sharma Systems Design Engineering Masters email
Andreas Stoeckel Computer Science PhD email
Peter Suma Systems Design Engineering Masters email
Aaron Voelker Computer Science PhD email

Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience director and students

Chris Eliasmith, Director (far right), with some past members of the Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience

Past Members
Name Department Degree
Raluca Amariei Applied Math PhD
Brandon Aubie Combinatorics and Optimization UGrad
Trevor Bekolay Computer Science PhD
James Bergstra Systems Design Engineering PhD
Bruce Bobier Systems Design Engineering PhD
Eric Crawford Computer Science Masters
Jenn Czekus Biology Masters
Travis DeWolf Systems Design Engineering PhD
Lloyd Elliot Math UGrad
Katie Ferguson Applied Math Masters
Jonathan Fishbein Systems Design Engineering Masters
Eric Hochstein Philosophy PhD
Marc Hurwitz Psychology PhD
Aziz Hurzook Systems Design Engineering Masters
Lisanne Huurdeman Internship: U of Amsterdam Masters
Ilya Kobelevskiy Applied Math Masters
Carter Kolbeck Systems Design Engineering Masters
Michael Lerman Computer Science UGrad
Abninder Litt Computer Science UGrad
Drew Lloyd Applied Math Masters
James Martens Computer Science UGrad
Wilten Nicola Applied Math PhD
Daniel Rasmussen Computer Science Masters
Andrew Smith Applied Math Masters
Connor Smith Mechatronics Engineering UGrad
Oscar Tackstrom Computer Science PhD
Charlie Tang Computer Science Masters
Oliver Trujillo Computer Science Masters
Yan Wu Systems Design Engineering Masters
Youssef Zaky Systems Design Engineering PhD

More past members

Waterloo researchers among top in Canada

Chris Eliasmith writing on a whiteboardChris Eliasmith, Director of the Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience, received the prestigious John C. Polanyi Award  and is also an inaugural member of the Royal Society of Canada's College of New Scholars, Artists, and Scientists.

How to Build a Brain

Chris Eliasmith’s team at the Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience has built Spaun, the world’s largest simulation of a functioning brain. The related book is now available and for the full article Waterloo Stories.


This is a collection of coverage of work with Nengo (Neural Engineering Objects) that has appeared in the popular press recently.