RILEM High Performance Asphalt Materials Symposium

Thursday, October 3, 2019

The RILEM High Performance Asphalt Materials Symposium has been successfully held and organized by the Centre for Pavement and Transportation Technology (CPATT) on October 2nd at the University of Waterloo. This event brought together prestigious professors and researchers from Europe, USA and Canada to share their knowledge and ideas on high performance asphalt materials.


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The symposium is glad to share the presentations as follows.


Rilem Presenter and Organizers Bios

1-1 High Performance - What Does that Mean? by Prof. Manfred N. Partl

1-2 Consequential Life Cycle Assessment-based Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation Framework by Prof. Eshan Dave

1-3 Cold Recycled Mixtures and the Effects of the Active Fillers by Prof. Gabriele Tebaldi

1-4 Bituminous Binder Reinforced with Carbon Nanotubes and Nanoclays by Prof. Orazio Baglieri

2-1 100-Percent Recycled Asphalt for High Modulus Pavements by Dr. Lily Poulikakos

2-3 High Performance? Impact of Equivalent Young's Modulus Ratio Values b/w Material Layers by Dr. Armelle Chabot

2-4 Development of High-Performance Asphalt Mixes Using Elastomer Pellets by Prof. Hassan Baaj

3-1 Why Advanced Testing and for What Material Properties? by Prof. Hervé di Benedetto

3-2 Full-Scale Validation of High Performances Bio-Recycled Asphalt Mixtures for Road Pavements by Dr. Emmanuel Chailleux

3-3 Laboratory Characterization of Cold Recycled Materials: How Closely It Represents Field Performance by Prof. Alan Carter

4-1 Advancing Asphalt Sustainability: A Canadian Case Study by Prof. Susan Tighe

4-2 How to Define High Performance Asphalt Concrete (HPAC), called “EME” in France, for Cold Region by Prof. Daniel Perraton


Finally, to our sponsors, without your contribution, this event would not have been a success. A big thank you from everyone at CPATT and RILEM.

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