Why Grebel students are involved with the Centre for Peace Advancement

The Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement (CPA) is located only a few steps away from the Grebel residence, above the library. This proximity means that you are in a unique position to find job or volunteer opportunities with start-ups in our Epp Peace Incubator or established peacebuilding organizations, to take classes in the CPA, or to use our Buzz Space to chat with friends or study.

What's available to you

People at the Opportunities Fair in the Grebel Gallery

Industry Connections & Opportunities Fair

The CPA is home to a variety of organizations tackling peace issues including nuclear disarmament, poverty reduction, and policy issues on campus. Each semester, you have the chance to participate in the CPA's Opportunities Fair, where students find volunteer and job opportunities with peacebuilders working in the CPA.


Student looking at art piece in Grebel GalleryGrebel Gallery

Part of the CPA's 6000 square feet is occupied by our Grebel Gallery. Each semester, a new exhibit showcasing stories of peacemaking is displayed. The Gallery gives a voice to those who wish to express peace through art, including Grebel students.



People sitting and talking in Buzz SpaceBuzz Space

Our Buzz Space is a bright, comfortable, and welcoming area that invites you to catch up on work, enjoy lunch, or chat with your peers.