Join Cognition and Natural Behaviour (CaNB) Laboratory

Undergraduate Students

Getting involved in the laboratory as an undergraduate is a great way to learn more about cognition and gain meaningful research experience. Undergraduate opportunities in the laboratory include volunteer positions, course-based involvement, and paid research assistant positions. We are always looking for smart, reliable, and conscientious students with an interest in conducting research in cognitive psychology. If you're interested in joining the lab, please email a cover letter (i.e., why do you want to work in the CaNB lab), resume, and transcript to Evan Risko (

Undergraduate students can do a special direct course in the lab by enrolling in Apprenticeship courses (Psych 264, 464), Directed Studies courses (Psych 480-486), and/or an Honours Thesis (PSYCH 499).

Joining this lab means that you will be encouraged to participate in intellectual discussion as well as be supported in various learning pursuits including picking up some practical skills (e.g., R, PsychoPy, JavaScript, Eyetracking, etc). If you do your best, it will not go unnoticed, and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Research Assistant

Graduate Students

We are looking for excellent graduate students interested in doing research in cognitive science. The University of Waterloo graduate program is exceptional, the city is fantastic, and our laboratory is, most importantly, fun. Look at our websites for more information on the cognitive area at the University of Waterloo and the graduate program.

All potential graduate students are encouraged to contact Evan Risko ( in advance to discuss their research interests and learn about the current directions of the work in the lab. Evan will be accepting graduate students for 2024-2025. 

Expect to be supported deeply in your research endeavours by your lab mates and especially by your supervisor. Under such support, anticipate growing both personally and professionally and getting back what you invest. Your “hopes and dreams” will be considered heavily throughout your time here and you will be met where you need to be. A bonus is that you might even make some friends for life.

Graduate Student

Finding a supervisor who dedicates as much time to both graduate and undergraduate students as Dr. Risko is a rarity. Under his mentorship, I’ve grown a lot as a researcher, and have gained a high level of confidence in my abilities through his constant support and validation of my efforts. While pursuing graduate school can be challenging, I believe the environment provided by the CaNB lab offers the tools and support necessary for realizing your "hopes and dreams."

Graduate Student