King Sejong Institute

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What is the King Sejong Institute?

Founded in 2005, the King Sejong Institute (KSI) provides helpful resources to Korean learners and teachers of Korean alike. With over 100 institutes worldwide, KSI is a powerful and positive force for learning Korean language and culture. 

In September 2014, the KSI joined Renison to offer non-credit Korean courses. KSI offers two levels of introductory Korean, with plans to offer intermediate and advanced level Korean courses in upcoming terms. Our courses utilize curriculum that we have specifically created for beginners, and all the materials used in class are based on the philosophy that learning Korean should be "easy to understand and easy to acquire". 

You'll start learning the language with the Korean alphabet and continue on until you are able to listen, read, speak, and write with basic and practical vocabulary. You will emerge with a strong grammatical foundation that will allow you to both understand core concepts of the language and also prepare you for success in future Korean studies.