CTAPT Phase 3 consultations (July 2021)

CTAPT Overview

  • In May 2020, Senate endorsed CTAPT’s recommendation that the University adopt multi-faceted teaching assessment, and that CTAPT’s mandate be renewed. Phase 2 started March 2021.
  • Goals for Phase 2
    • Develop and recommend feasible and meaningful processes for implementation of teaching dossiers (TD) and peer review of teaching (PRT) as routine parts of the assessment of teaching for regular faculty members at Waterloo.
    • Consult and communicate with the campus community to prepare the ground for broad acceptance of these processes when they are launched.
    • Coordinate the creation of toolkits (guidelines, templates, rubrics, samples, etc.) to support the processes for TD and PRT.
    • Provide recommendations about how these processes might be extended to instructors who are not regular faculty.
    • Suggest which University processes and Policies might require revision to be better aligned with new practices of teaching assessment.
  • CTAPT is consulting the campus community about its initial impressions about what to recommend.
  • CTAPT anticipates presenting recommendations to Senate in late 2021.
  • This document provides details about CTAPT’s current thinking.