MDSAI Co-op Work Report Dropbox

To submit your co-op work report for co-op credit, please complete this form and submit your MDSAI Co-op work report form (.docx)  at the end of the form. As long as you've logged in using your WatIAM credentials, you may save a draft of your progress.

Please enter the term(s) that you were employed on co-op comma-separated. Examples: "Spring 2020" or "Spring 2020, Fall 2020" but NOT "Spring and Fall 2020"
E.g. Finance, Retail, Tech, Education, Health, etc.
Please provide a brief informal description of your co-op work experience (max 250 words). This will not be graded/assessed and can be taken directly from your work report if you wish.
Please upload your completed co-op work report together in one file. The link to the proper template to submit your work report can be found on Co-op Requirements webpage.
One file only.
25 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, doc, docx.