A good challenge

Thursday, October 15, 2020

A self-described “lifelong technology enthusiast,” Max Niebergall enrolled in the Master of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (MDSAI) program to launch an impactful career in data science.

As an undergraduate student in computer science at Wilfred Laurier University, Max realized that he was only just beginning to skim the surface when it came to developing critical skills in data science. “The MDSAI program gives me the opportunity to double down and master skills in AI, machine learning, statistics, data mining and other areas that will be foundational for the future,” he affirmed.

While Max aspires to work his way up to a director-level role in data science, he doesn’t discount the possibility of starting his own business one day. In the meantime, he plans to pursue a co-op position at a large tech company that provides concrete opportunities to solve problems, even on a small scale. “At this stage of career, my priority is to get as much hands-on work as I can,” he expressed.

“Wherever I land, I’m looking forward to taking on meaningful, rewarding work,” said Max. “The MDSAI program has certainly had its challenges as I work to build my career and build community, but I like a good challenge. It’s preparing me to take the next step.” 

Read the full profile about Max.

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