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Alina Bielak

Assistant Museum Curator (Winter 2017)

Alina Bielak with butterfliesI am a fourth year Honours Science student at the University of Waterloo, I have a minor in Biology and an option in Knowledge Integration. I have always had a passion for science communication and teaching. Communication is all about telling stories and I can’t wait to tell you the stories behind our amazing exhibits. I look forward to being able to share my excitement with you!

Growing up, I was always fascinated by how spectacular our planet is and I am thrilled to get to learn more about it every day. Though I specialize in genetics, I am also mesmerized by the hidden treasures of the earth. My favourite aspect of earth sciences is gemology. Specifically how slight changes in chemical composition can change a sapphire to a ruby or how alexandrite can change colour from daylight to incandescent light.

Most of all, I love to teach others about science and hope to incorporate science communication into my future career. Outside of the realm of science communication and outreach, I am an avid baker. I adore trying out new recipes and testing new flavour combinations.

University of Waterloo

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