Mining in Ontario

Below are a few articles outlining the big business of mining in Ontario including information about Canada's Silver town, Cobalt

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Mining in Cobalt

Cobalt, Ontario, played an important role in the evolution of the mining and financial industries in Canada. Silver was discovered in the area in the summer of 1903.

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 Geologic History of Cobalt

On August 7, 1903, two railroad workers –J.H. McKinley and Ernest Darragh –found pliable, silvery flakes of metal on the shores of Long Lake. The town of Cobalt came into being almost overnight.

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Stories from Cobalt

A few stories from the Cobalt mining camp. 

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 Historic Ontario Mines

Historic Ontario Mines include the Madoc fluorite mine and the Canadian talc mine. 

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Mining in Ontario

Mining is an important industry in Ontario, employing over 100,000 people, directly and indirectly, and producing about $10-billion worth of minerals annually.