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Below are a few stories which we hope will interest you.

The Prince of Wales dressed to visit the O'Brien Mine, Cobalt in 1919

prince of wales

This photograph was donated to the museum by Barbara Vinnicombe. Barbara's father, Angus Campbell was the geologist at the O'Brien Mine and took the Prince on his tour. Angus made a protocol error by turning his back on the Prince, because quote "I would have been a fool to back into a mine cage." Barbara also donated Angus's miner's lamp, the one on the left above.

Coniagas #4 Shaft


The Coniagas Mine is named for the elements CO-cobalt, Ni-nickel, Ag-silver and As-arsenic which were found in the ore at the mine. Coniagas was one of the first mines discovered in the Cobalt Mining Camp. The mine was discovered by W. Tretheway in the late fall of 1903 and, up until 1968 produced almost 40 million troy ounces of silver.

Right of Way Mine

right of way mine

The Right of Way Mine is a silver-cobalt mine discovered in 1906 and shut down in 1953 after producing 2,800,000 oz. of silver and 40,000lbs. of cobalt from two shafts the deepest being 538 feet. 

The Right-of-Way Mine tour

A tour of the Right of Way Mine which is the most complete mine site located within the Cobalt Camp, is available through the Cobalt Mining Museum at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in the summer months. During the tour, you will see much of the surface infrastructure needed in a typical mining operation.