Ecohydrology at the University of Waterloo

Water is our most precious natural resource. The availability and quality of fresh water not only impact human health and wellbeing, but also the functioning of essential ecosystems, including rivers, wetlands, lakes and coastal ecosystems.

Most available fresh water is present as groundwater. Exchanges between groundwater and surface water occur throughout the landscape and support a plethora of key ecosystem services. The multidisciplinary research program in ecohydrology is dedicated to advancing the understanding of the fluxes and transformations of nutrient elements (especially P, N, Si) and metals at the groundwater-surface water interface, and assessing their consequences for the health and functioning of aquatic ecosystems.

Our research team includes biogeochemists, hydrologists, ecologists, environmental chemists and microbiologists, who combine laboratory experiments, field sampling and mathematical modelling.

  1. Mar. 21, 2018Stephane presents at the 2018 Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference (ARC'18)Stephane and his poster

    The 2018 Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference (ARC'18) was held on March 19th and 20th, 2018, at the Qatar National Convention Centre. Dr. Stephane Ngueleu presented a poster, titled: "Groundwater Pollution by Psetroleum-Derived Contaminants in Coastal (Semi)-Arid Environment” with co-authors Dr. Riyadh Ibrahim Al-Raoush (Qatar University) and Dr. Fereidoun Rezanezhad and Dr. Philippe Van Cappellen from the Ecohydrology Research Group.

  2. Mar. 20, 2018Ecohydrology Seminar Series: Dr. David Depew

    This afternoon, we hosted another seminar as part of the Ecohydrology Seminar Series, this time featuring Dr. David Depew from Environment Canada. 

    Thank you to Dr. Depew for the excellent talk on coastal eutrophication in the Great Lakes. We had a great time!

    For more information about the speaker and the presentation, take a look at the event page.

  3. Mar. 2, 2018Dr. Lori Phillips from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada presents seminarDr. Van Cappellen, Dr. Phillips, and Dr. Rezanezhad

    This afternoon, Dr. Lori Phillips from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada presented a seminar, titled "Linking agricultural management to microbial ecosystem processes". There was a great turnout for the event, and we had a great time learning about the relationships between agriculture and microbes.

    A big thank you to Dr. Phillips for the excellent presentation!

    Please see the event page for more details about the seminar.

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  1. Mar. 22, 2018World Water Day

    Join the Water Institute in celebrating the University of Waterloo's ninth annual World Water Day event! This year's theme is Nature for Water.

    A free lunch is provided for those who register.

    Please register for the event, and/or sign up to present a poster.

    For more information, visit the event's home page.

  2. Mar. 23, 20182018 Darcy Lecture: Dr. Masaki Hayashi

    Alpine Hydrogeology: The Critical Role of Groundwater in Sourcing the Headwaters of the World

    Many of us have been awed by the stunningly beautiful view of alpine lakes and streams- and they are not just beautiful. Nearly half of the world’s population relies on rivers originating in high mountains for water supply. Source areas of mountain streams have rugged topography with sparse soil and vegetation covers, and were once considered “Teflon basins” that have minimum capacity to store groundwater.

  3. May 29, 2018Ecohydrology Seminar Series: Dr. Claudia Wagner-Riddle

    Dr. Claudia Wagner-Riddle from the University of Guelph will be presenting a talk as part of the Ecohydrology Seminar Series on May 29th.

    The details of the presentation will be available closer to the seminar date.

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