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Jovana Radosavljevic

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am a postdoctoral fellow working on the NSERC-funded project "Adaptive management of green stormwater infrastructure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from urban watersheds," where I am working on modeling greenhouse gas concentrations and emissions in stormwater ponds and other water bodies using data available in the literature.

Md Abdus Sabur

Post Doctoral Fellow

Phosphorus is an essential and often limiting nutrient for the growth of plants and phytoplankton. Excessive loads of phosphorus in aquatic environment can result in accelerated eutrophication. Beside the anthropogenic phosphorus input, some internal biogeochemical factors can play role for the mobilization of phosphorus from sediment into surface waters.

Stephanie Slowinski

Research Biogeochemist

My role as a Research Biogeochemist is to support research activities within the research group by fostering collaborations with partner organizations, supporting field and experimental data collection, or drafting and editing manuscripts and reports.

Serghei Bocaniov

Research Associate

Serghei’s primary research interest is to study the interaction between physical and biogeochemical processes in lakes using a combination of numerical modelling and field studies to investigate specific processes of interest, such as:

Xiaochuang Bu

Postdoctoral Fellow

In the Ecohydrology Research Group, I am working on the CLAWAVE project (Chemical load assessments for watersheds: automation and visualization experience), where I employ machine learning tools to reconstruct the trajectory of DOC in Canadian northern rivers, while simultaneously investigating the dynamics of carbon emissions.