Advancing economic development opportunities (for information)

Date Location EDAC tuition Non-EDAC tuition Value
----------- ------------- $1050-$1195* $1350-$1495* 10

*2016 pricing 


Year 2 builds on the foundation laid in Year 1 by adding specialized topics and techniques that are often employed by economic developers, including business retention and expansion (BRE), financial analysis for small business, project management and performance evaluation. Similar to Year 1, one day is dedicated to group field projects, this time with a focus on tourism development.

Major topics:

  • Financial analysis for small business
  • Entrepreneurship in community economic development
  • Tourism development strategies
  • Tourism/business development small group projects
  • Performance evaluation
  • Business retention strategies: economic gardening
  • Green economy, energy and opportunity identification
  • Project management
  • Topics of regional significance (courses outside Waterloo)


Held annually at the University of Waterloo and in other cities across Canada to meet local demand.

Previously held in:

  • Whitehorse
  • Edmonton
  • Saskatoon
  • Winnipeg
  • Thunder Bay
  • Sudbury
  • Halifax

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