Bongo Video Assignments

About this tool

Video Assignments is a video assessment tool that enables experiential learning and soft skill development. Assignments in which the final product created by the student is a video or audio recording, such as student presentations, creative assignments, interviews, and role playing. Video assessment tools can help learners develop your communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills. 

Features and functionality

Four Video Assignment types are available.

  • Question & Answer: present students with question prompts and give them a set amount of time to respond.
  • Interactive video: provide students with a video and ask them to respond to related prompts at certain points within the video.
  • Individual projects: students record or upload a video of themselves presenting on a topic or demonstrating a specific skill.
  • Group projects: students collaborate synchronously and/or asynchronously to complete a group activity. The end product is often presented as one cohesive group presentation.

Tool guide

Cost No cost
Recommended class size Unlimited
LEARN integrations Fully integrates class roster and grades
Known limitations
  • Does not see or sync with LEARN groups; LEARN groups must be duplicated in Video Assignment
  • Works best with specific browsers (Chrome and Edge)
Level of support Centrally licensed and supported
Privacy & Security
  • LEARN user data shared with Bongo: 

    • USERID (e.g. jsmith), Role (e.g. student, instructor), username (e.g. jsmith), email (, system username (D2L string not your jsmith), system role (student, staff, or instructor)

    • LEARN has the ability to receive grades from Bongo

  • Please review the Privacy in Recordings page, which includes a downloadable notification template to post in your course

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How your peers are using this tool

"The Bongo Video Assignment tool has been a great way to form connections in many courses I've delivered online! The tool creates space for one-on-one student-instructor connections, as it gives students the opportunity to reflect on course material and thought prompts in a personalized way, without the pressure of speaking up in front of a whole class. The tool also helps to foster peer connections, as I have had students use it to peer-review each other's commentaries and engage in collaborative explorations of course content, often with the specific goal of activating analytical and critical thinking skills. I've used it for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year courses, all in unique ways, and this tool, among the many other available e-educational tools, has really opened up my eyes, as an instructor, to so many new pedagogical possibilities! I will never teach courses the same as I did before using all of these tools, and I'm truly excited at the prospect of exploring even further to ensure the best possible experience for my students!"

- Noorin Manji, Arts First, Sociology & Legal Studies, Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business

“In the BSc Kinesiology program we have a 4th year capstone course that has a research and communication focus. During the pandemic we had to pivot from traditional in-person research presentations to pre-recorded presentations. The Bongo Video Assignment tool allowed students to create a recording within the platform or upload a pre-recorded presentation. In addition, peers could view the presentations asynchronously and pose questions to the presenter. The use of the tool allowed us to accomplish our learning objectives in a manner that was as close as possible to in-person learning.”

- Chris Vigna, Kinesiology and Health Sciences


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