Welcome to the Energy Hub Management System Project

Illustrations of various power sources

The purpose of this project is to develop and to implement an energy hub management system that will allow static energy users to manage effectively their energy requirements.

More specifically, this project will empower energy hubs – that is, individual locations that require energy (e.g., manufacturing facilities, farms, retail stores, detached houses) – so that they can contribute to the development of a sustainable society through the real-time management of their energy demand, production, storage and resulting import or export of energy.

The energy hub management system is funded by the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) and industry partners over an eight-year study period which began in April 2008. Led by the University of Waterloo, project participants include Hydro One Networks Incorporated (Toronto), Energent Incorporated (Waterloo), Milton Hydro Distribution Incorporated (Milton) and the Ontario Power Authority.

Additionally, the energy hub management system project wishes to gratefully acknowledge the support of SafePlugSimple Home NetTetra Tech and Computerized Electricity Systems (CES) in the development of pilots for the Project.

Members of this Research Group consist of Professors Kankar BhattacharyaClaudio CañizaresIan Rowlands, and Paul Parker and the project manager Doug Fyfe. More information on our members.