December 2012

  • An Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Transactions on Smart Grid with the title of "Optimal operation of residential energy hubs in smart grids" is published by M. Chehreghani, S. A. Hashmi, H. Hassen, C. A. Cañizares, and K. Bhattacharya. Abstract: ​Optimal operation of residential energy hubs in smart grids.

October 2012

  • Some team members gathered at a pilot participant's home in Milton, Ontario to discuss the project.
Left to right: Frank Lasowksi (President and CEO, Milton Hydro), Gord Ellis (CTO, Energent), Ian Rowlands (Professor, University of Waterloo), Deep Mehta (Milton homeowner)

Left to right: Frank Lasowksi (President and CEO, Milton Hydro), Gord Ellis (CTO, Energent), Ian Rowlands (Professor, University of Waterloo), Deep Mehta (Milton homeowner).

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March 2012

  • Ontario's Environmental Commission - Gord Miller - interviews Energent's Craig Haney about the energy hub management system at Globe 2012 in Vancouver.  Watch the interview on Youtube.

February 2012


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July 2011

  • An interview with Energent's Craig Haney, as he describes some of our work (13 June 2011).
  • Mohammad Chehreghani Bozchalui, a PhD student in Electrical and Computing Engineering on the project, received a Student Award from Mprime – Canada’s only Network of Centres of Excellence for the mathematical sciences, which brings together academia, industry and the public sector to develop cutting edge mathematical tools vital to the knowledge-based economy. Mohammad will receive his award at the 7th International congress on industrial and applied mathematics - (ICIAM) 2011 in Vancouver on 21 July 2011. Congratulations, Mohammad!

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  • Eric Mallia – a second year Master's student in Environment and Resource Studies at uWaterloo working on the project – won the award for best poster at the University of Waterloo’s 3rd Annual Student Colloquium on Climate Change.   Held on 10 and 11 March 2011, Eric’s poster was entitled ‘Exploring Home Electricity Management Strategies as a Climate Change Mitigation Option’.


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November 2009

  • Mary Beth Deline presented a poster (co-authored with Ian Rowlands) entitled ‘Keeping Up With the Joneses - Energy Consumption, Publicity and Social Network Influence‘ at the 2009 Behavior, energy & Climate change conference (Washington, DC, November 2009)

October 2009

  • Energent, one of the industry partners to the EHMS project, is profiled in the ​Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) Annual Report (page 29). 

September 2009

  • Energy Hub partners are profiled in The Kitchener-Waterloo Record.

July 2009

June 2009

  • The project is mentioned again on pages 30 and 32 of the IPPSO FACTO magazine in an article called "Energy management hubs". 

May 2009

March 2009

  • The project was also mentioned in the 2009 edition of Watch (PDF), a magazine published by the University of Waterloo Research and Technology Park, on pages 12-13. 

February 2009