E7 Event Space

There is always something exciting happening at Waterloo Engineering. Bringing people together is an essential component of our global engineering network and each year more than 100 events ranging from Capstone Design Symposiums and alumni reunions to recruitment open houses, Hack The North, faculty receptions and industry sessions are held across the Engineering campus. Now with E7, this signature Event Space will be “the it place” for these happenings. From sit-down dinners to cocktail receptions, you’ll always meet someone interesting here!

Please note - The E7 Event and Pitch Spaces are for Faculty of Engineering Events and can be booked by Engineering Faculty, Staff and Students via the Events Manager. Events for other campus stakeholders are considered on a case-by-case basis and approved by the Events Manager. Due to high a volume of faculty events, requests September-November and March-April cannot be accommodated. 

The spaces are not available for booking by external groups.

Bookable Event Spaces

1. Event Space

The Event Space, located on the 2nd floor, is a 3300 sq. ft. open area flexible for all types of events. It features a state-of-the-art AV system, frosted glass walls and electrical and networking ports all along the floor for ease of use. The space is furnished with comfortable seating arrangements.

The event host will need to arrange the movement and storage of the event space furniture (with permission from the Faculty Events Manager) and their rentals as necessary to suit the needs of their event. 

Event space

2. The Pitch Space

This space is a 875 sq. ft. room located just down the corridor from the event space. This space is set theatre style with chairs and large screens at each end of the room. The chairs can be stacked off to the side but cannot be removed from the space without permission from the Faculty Events Manager.

E7 Pitch Space

General Booking Policies

  • The E7 Event Space and Pitch spaces are for use by Faculty, Staff and Students of the Faculty of Engineering. These spaces can only be booked at the start of each term. Special considerations can be requested via the Faculty Events Manager. 
  • All events should take place in the E7 Event Space or Pitch Space. The atrium is only bookable for larger Faculty or University events with the exception of groups hosting booths that rely on traffic. 
  • The event space and pitch space are large empty spaces so they can be set up in many different styles, dinner, tradeshow, theater style etc. It's the responsibility of the organizer to set up and tear down their own furniture. 
  • If an internal group or department is booking on behalf of a third party, this must be disclosed at the time of booking.  Also, someone from the internal group/department must remain onsite for third party events.
  • Multiple day events will require paid security or at your own risk for equipment and supplies left out overnight.
  • Any missing equipment or damages to the space / equipment will be the responsibility of the event host and an account number is required all bookings. This includes damages caused by guests or vendors.
  • Tables, chairs and AV equipment belonging to the event space cannot be left our overnight and must be put back in the storage space. 
  • The event space does not have a kitchen so the event host will need to make sure caterers are aware and book an alternative room for staging if required.
  • The spaces are to be put back exactly as found. The storage and care of items left behind in the space by guests are the responsibility of the event host.
  • The event host is responsible for their own vendors and vendor relations and must ensure rentals/equipment are moved out of the space within their allotted booking time.
  • The AV system in the Event Space is self-serve and the host is responsible for familiarizing themselves with the system ahead of their event. There is not on-site or on-call tech support.
  • If alcohol is going to be served/sold at the event it must be served/sold by UW Catering. As per the University’s liquor permit. 


To book the space please email Kari Griffiths and include the date, time, name of the event and which space you'd like booked. 

When choosing your end date/time please consider the pickup of catering and rentals. Your booking should end after the space is clear of these items. 

Floor Plans + Layouts

To help with your event planning the floor plans have been laid out below. These plans have been completed by Plant Operations and adhere to fire code. 

1. Event Space Banquet Style Layout

event space banquet

3. Event Space Theatre Style

theatre style

2. Event Space Tradeshow Style

event space tradeshow

4. Pitch Area Theatre Style

pitch space


The Event Space has a storage room of furniture that includes 300 stacking chairs, 11 cruiser tables and 31 6-foot folding tables.

Groups who wish to use the furniture must pick up a key in advance during business hours from the E7 7th Floor Front Desk and return the key in the dropbox in the storage room or return to the front desk.

You’re responsible for setup & clean-up of the furniture, and putting it back as found. If you’re serving food, the tables must be covered with a tablecloth. Groups will be billed for any lost or damaged furniture. Furniture belonging to the E7 Event Space cannot sit out overnight.

Additionally, University bookings has items for use including exam tables, folding tables, rolling poster boards, chairs, stage, podium, stanchions, and coat racks. Please contact Central Stores Booking cstrbook@uwaterloo.ca to book these items central stores will deliver and pick up the items. Please make sure these items are not delivered before your booking starts or picked up after your booking ends. 

If you require additional rentals contact ABC Party Time Rentals  - http://abcpartytime.com or another vendor of your choice. 

Food and Beverage Service

Event hosts must arrange their own catering. Please note that all alcohol must be served by UW Catering as per the University's Liquor Permit. 

All catering / food handling must be completed by a licensed caterer/restaurant.

Staff/Faculty/Students cannot personally handle or store food. The only exception to this are individually wrapped, shelf-stable, non-perishable foods or beverages.

Example - you can purchase a package of wrapped granola bars for an event. Purchasing a large pack of cookies and opening them and putting them on trays is not allowed as you cannot handle/touch any food. Anything that requires refrigeration or heating must be handled by a caterer - eg veggie tray.

You can find the contact info and menus for UW Food Services here


The E7 Event Space comes with a self-serve AV system including screens, projectors, and a sound system with microphones. The easy-to-use touch panel allows you full control.  The system also includes a desktop computer and HDMI ports for your laptop to run your presentation.

The AV Podium (that contains the access panel and mics) is located in the event space storage room and groups who wish to use the AV must pick up a key in advance during business hours from the E7 7th Floor Front Desk and return the key in the dropbox in the storage room or return to the front desk.

For your event you simply review the AV Podium Instructions, roll out the podium, plug it in to the ports on the wall, and turn on the system.

Please Note: It is up to the user to make the time to test and learn the AV system in advance of their event, as there isn’t onsite AV support.  

If your event requires advanced AV support or more equipment than what is included, you can request ITMS AV support by emailing event.support@uwaterloo.ca

AV support staff must be booked well in advance, and will decline the support if your event can be managed within the self-serve system.

Remote video URL


Custodial/Garbage/Plant Operations

If your event falls on a weekend or is particularly messy please contact custodial to see if an special cleaning is needed. There is a charge for this so please budget for it in your event costs. You book this via a plant ops work request. 

If you require additional garbage pails or recycling/compost bins you can do so through a plant ops work request.