Frequently Asked Questions

Where is ESS located?

Our office is located in EV1-138A. Our door is in the corner of the ES student lounge - look for our sign.

How do I become an "ESS Member"?

If you’re a full-time Environment student who has not opted out of the $12.50 ESS fee, you’re already a member. This means that you can participate in all of our events at the ESS-member rate, which is cheaper than the non-ESS-member rate. Being a member pays off. Please note that students who paid the ESS fee one term ago are still considered ESS members for the purposes of event prices (e.g. students on a four month co-op). Students who have gone longer without paying the fee (e.g. students on an eight month co-op) are not considered ESS members.

How can I get involved with ESS?

If you want to get more involved with ESS, keep an eye out at the start of each term for announcements regarding elections and by-elections for our executive council. You're also free to hang out in the ES student lounge or stop by our office any time.

How can I get involved with the ES Coffee Shop?

The ES Coffee Shop hires new volunteers each term. Stay tuned on our social media pages, or email if you're interested.

How do I put up posters in the Environment buildings?

If you wish to put up posters in the Environment buildings, please bring your posters to our office for approval and stamping. One of our council members will ask you to fill out some basic information about your posters (contact information, type of event, date of event, et cetera) and apply an ESS stamp. Please note that ESS reserves the right to not approve any posters we deem to be inappropriate or contrary to the purpose and values of ESS as stated in our constitution. We also do not approve any posters for off-campus organizations - on-campus only please. You can read our full poster policy (PDF).

How do I rent a locker in the Environment buildings?

If you wish to rent a locker, please stop by our office at the beginning of each term. We have a variety of half and full-sized lockers available across the EV1, EV2, and EV3 buildings. Lockers are rented on a first-come, first-served basis. Prices are $5 for a half-sized locker and $10 for a full-sized locker, paid as a deposit at the beginning of the term. This deposit will be returned to you provided you leave your locker empty and in good condition at the end of the term.

Does ESS have a lost and found?

ESS has a lost and found box located in our office, but unfortunately we are unable to accept responsibility for personal items left in the ES student lounge, the ES Coffee Shop, or any of the Environment buildings. We do our best to collect lost belongings and keep them safe until the owner returns, but if you are unable to find your lost item we recommend that you contact Police Services and the Turnkey Desk.

How do I opt out of ESS fees?

Students can opt out of voluntary fees such as student society fees by emailing