Program Associations

Faculty of Environment Program Associations

Each Faculty of Environment program consists of students like you, who plan events and discuss concerns within your program. Check out the corresponding links to see how you can be a part of your program association!

Environment, Resources and Sustainability Student Association (ERSSA):

ERSSA is the student society for the Environment, Resources and Sustainability (ERS) program. The society plans events for ERS students and brings up student concerns to the Environment Students' Society and to the faculty. The events help students to meet and build connections with fellow ERS students of all years and professors while having a good time.

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Knowledge Integration Student Society (KISS):

KISS is the student society for the Knowledge Integration (KI) program and it consists of a group of students dedicated to supporting KI. We also plan events, help fund-raise for expenses, and act as a liaison between students and the university.

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Planning Students' Association (PSA):

The objectives of the Planning Students Association is to serve as the official undergraduate organization of the Faculty of Environment, School of Planning (SOP). PSA represents and promotes the interests of undergraduate planning students in the internal decision-making processes of the Faculty, the University, and the planning profession. We try to establish a spirit of mutual co-operation among the members of the Faculty, SOP, Alumni and the planning profession and co-ordinate professional, educational, and social activities.

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Student Association for International Development (SAID):

SAID is the elected representative body of all undergraduate students in the Honours International Development Program (INDEV). SAID strives to bring together all undergraduate students within the program, as well as professors and community members to promote greater learning and support in all matters related to INDEV. We host fun events like Pizza & Politics, Cookie decorating and an annual development conference.

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Waterloo Association of Geography Students (WAGS):

WAGS officially serves all undergraduate students in Geography and Environmental Management, Geomatics, and Climate and Environmental Change. We represent Geographers in academic issues and organize fun events.

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Waterloo Environment and Business Students (WEBS):

The Waterloo Environment and Business Society (WEBS) facilitates events and projects such as networking opportunities, co-op prep, merchandise sales, charitable fundraising, and more. Our events and weekly meetings are open to all ENBUS students. We aim to help ENBUS students grow socially, academically, and professionally. 

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University of Waterloo Aviation Society (UWAS):

The University of Waterloo Aviation Society strives to effectively represent and provide meaningful opportunities for all students in the Geography and Aviation and Science and Aviation programs at the University of Waterloo, as well as to foster a community for those interested in aviation at large. 

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