Welcome to the Environmental Isotope Laboratory


The University of Waterloo Environmental Isotope Lab is prepared to begin receiving samples the week of Monday, July 20. 

Please be aware that there will be delays in sample analysis. EIL staff are reassessing current backlogs and turnaround times in order to communicate the status of current and future projects and provide updates and results as efficiently as possible. Please do not send samples to the EIL until the required chemistry is available as they can not be prioritized or analyzed until it is received. 

Thank you for your patience as we work hard to implement new COVID-19 safety protocols and implement operational measures to protect EIL staff and others. We will continue to provide updates when available.

The University of Waterloo-Environmental Isotope Laboratory (UW-EIL), a research group within the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, develops and applies isotope technology to the Environment.

Founded in 1971 by Dr. Peter Fritz, the UW-EIL offers analysis for the isotopes of a number of elements including hydrogen (δ2H, 3H), carbon (δ13C, 14C), nitrogen (δ15N), oxygen (δ18O), sulphur (δ34S), chlorine (δ37Cl), bromine (δ81Br) and strontium (87Sr/86Sr) for a wide variety of applications. UW-EIL is today an innovative modern research facility with an international client base encompassing universities, government agencies, consulting firms and other institutions.