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Many collaborative and interdisciplinary research projects have been undertaken using the resources of the University of Waterloo Fire Research Facility. A wealth of research opportunities are available to graduate and undergraduate students. We also welcome proposals and suggestions for new research topics from members of the fire service, fire engineering and related industrial sectors.

More information on our on-going, and recently completed, areas of research activity can be accessed via the list of current research areas below. Please also investigate our numerous specific study areas, which although somewhat more focused, are often multi-disciplinary and can cross into several different Research Areas.

We are happy to acknowledge our research partners. Contact us if you are interested in further information on research opportunities and partnerships.

Graduate student theses


  • Chad Young (2004) Algorithm Enhancements for Particle Image Velocimetry PhD [Weckman/Strong]
  • Ali Ashratizaaden ()
  • Kevin Thomson (2004) Soot Formation in Annular non-premixed laminar flames of methane-air at pressures of 0.1-4.0 MPa. PhD. [Fraser, Weckman, Gulder]


  • Chris Best (2010) Measurement of Fuel Regression Rate of a Pool Fire in Crosswind with and without a Large Downwind Blocking Object MASc [Weckman, Devaud]
  • Cecilia Lam (2009) Thermal Characterization of a Pool Fire in Crosswind With and Without a Large Downwind Blocking Object [Weckman]
  • Amanda Klinck (2006) An Experimental Investigation of the Fire Characteristics of the University of Waterloo Burn House Structure, MASc [Strong]
  • Cameron McCartney (2006) A CFD Investigation of Balcony Spill Plumes [Weckman/Gary Lougheed]
  • Eerik Randsalu (2005) Measurement of Fuel Regression Rate in a Jet-A Fuelled Fire in Crosswind.MA
  • Gordon Poole (1995) An Experimental Investigation of Hot Layer Development in Structures Subjected to Interior Fires [Strong/Weckman]
  • Mohammad-Reza Kaazempur-Mofrad (1994) Mean Vorticity in a Medium-scale Acetone Pool Fire MASc [Weckman/Strong]
  • Jennifer Weisinger (2004) Characterization of the University of Waterloo live fire research facility wind generation system.MA
  • Cecilia Lam (2003) Thermal Characterization of a Pool Fire in Crosswind with a Large Adjacent Cylindrical Object: Experimental Design MASc
  • Peter Orakwe (2002) Experimental and Numerical Examination of Welding Nozzle Flow [Johnson/Weckman]
  • Christopher Hogben (1998) Determination of the Radiative Properties of an Acetone Pool Fire MAsc. [Weckman/Strong]
  • Stephen Dajka (1998) Derivation and Preliminary Validation of a Computational Model for Buoyancy Driven Flows MASc [Weckman/Strong]
  • Mahmud Ashrafizaadeh (1998) Numerical simulation of pulsating buoyancy driven turbulent diffusion flames [Weckman, Strong]
  • Kevin Thomson (2000) Soot Temperature Measurements by Spectral Emission Methods in a Laminar Diffusion Flame MASc [Weckman/Fraser]
  • Greg Thompson () Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Vortex Shedding from Objects in Crossflow[]
  • Frances Demarco (1999) Shielding Gas Flow in Welding [Babcock & Wilcox, Cambridge]
  • John Russel() Pressure Measurements Through Instrumentation Lines[Ontario Hydro]
  • Wei Yang () Laser Induced Flouorescence Studies of OH in Diffusion Flames[]
  • Duncan Phillips()Tracer Gas Ventilation Studies[]
  • Rick Wong () Laser-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy Applied to an Atmospheric Pressure[]


  • Joanne Peng
  • Christina Wasilishin​​