Fire testing equipment

The off campus facility is fully equipped with standard equipment for testing fire performance of materials and small items. Please click on the links below to read an in-depth explanation of each item by the manufacturer, fire testing technology of East Grinstead, UK.

Dual cone calorimeter

A standard instrument used in fire research to measure time to ignition, heat release rate, and other key parameters of interest in testing fire performance of materials.

Dual Cone Calorimeter

Large scale oxygen depletion calorimeter

A reliable tool for measurement of total heat flux released from large items (up to 2 MW).

Large scale oxygen depletion calorimeter

Smoke density chamber

Used to determine the nature and quantity of smoke generated during ignition and burning of solid materials and small assembles.

Smoke Density Chamber

IMO/Lift flame spread apparatus

Allows measurement of flame spread across a material as a function of incident heat flux and time.

IMO/Lift flame spread apparatus

Oxygen index test

Used to determine the minimum percentage of oxygen required to marginally support combustion pyrolysis gases and fuels.

Oxygen Index Test