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Headshot of  Buba ManjangDr. Buba Manjang completed a BSc in Public and Environmental Health and worked for Ministry of Health, The Gambia 2005 to 2006 as Regional Vector Control Officer, later promoted to Senior Health Administrator. Buba then obtained scholarship funding in pursuance of his MSc degree in Public Health at National University of Malaysia which he successfully completed in 2008.

He joined Ministry of Health in 2009 with a promotion as Regional Principal Public Health Officer until 2011 when he was promoted to the position of Principal Public Health officer. He won another scholarship from Islamic Development Bank, known as Merit Scholarship at the University of Birmingham. He completed his PhD, work for the Ministry of Health where he was promoted to the position of Deputy Director of Public Health at the Directorate of Public Health.

He is highly interested in community or public health intervention research, particularly in developing countries. He is focusing on Water, Hygiene, Sanitation and Health. Buba is a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship (QEScholars) and will be working on the Water Security as a Foundation for Healthy Communities and Sustainable Livelihoods project. Specifically, he will be working on effects of community led total sanitation on water quality for prevention of diarrhoea in slum and rural communities.


Buba worked with the Ministry of Health in the Gambia. He conducted trainings for health staff on immunization, disease surveillance, epidemic preparedness, control of communicable diseases. He facilitates trainings on Joint External Evaluation (JEE) for International Health Regulation as well as Health National Adaptation Plan for Climate Change and Health. He taught MPH students at University of Birmingham on Rural Health using the context of the Gambia in the Further International Health Module.


Manjang, B., Hemming, K., Bradley, C., Ensink, J., Martin, J., Sowe, J., Jarju, A., Cairncross, S. & Manaseki-Holland, S. (2018). Promoting hygienic weaning food handling practices through a community based programme: Intervention implementation and baseline characteristics for a cluster randomised controlled trial in rural Gambia. BMJ Open, 8(8). doi:10.1136/ bmjopen-2017-017573

Manjang, B. (2017). Ph.D. thesis, University of Birmingham: Investigating effectiveness of behavioural change intervention in improving mothers weaning food handling practices: Design of a cluster randomized controlled trial in rural Gambia.

Sanneh, E.S, Hu, A.H., Njai, M., Ceesay, O.M. & Manjang, B. (2014). Making basic health care accessible to rural communities: A case study of Kiang West district in rural Gambia. Public Health Nursing, 31(2): 126-33. doi:10.1111/phn.12057 Source: PubMed


O'Hearn, S., Nunbogu, A., Manjang, B. & Abu, T. Water security at the intersection of health and governance. Canadian Conference on Global Health, Ottawa, Ontario. October 16th - 19th, 2019.

Manjang, B. Global health interventions: Lessons from Nova Scotia and West Africa. Panelist/Invited Speaker, Global Health Day 2019, Dalhousie University, Halifax. Sept 25th, 2019.

Manjang, B. Saving the lives of children under-five with a hygiene intervention in rural Gambia. The University of Waterloo Water Institute, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario. March 7th, 2019.

University of Waterloo

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