Welcome to Geographies of Health in Place

Welcome to the Geographies of Health in Place (GoHelP) lab, led by Susan J. Elliott, PhD, in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management at the University of Waterloo.

  1. Sep. 18, 2019New paper published in Cancer

    Leia Minaker's co-authored paper titled, Is cancer prevention influenced by the built environment? A multidisciplinary scoping review has been published in Cancer. Congratulations Leia!

  2. Sep. 10, 2019Congratulations to Andrea Rishworth on her successful PhD defence!

    A huge congratulations to GoHelP's Andrea Rishworth for successfully defending her final PhD thesis on Monday September 9th, 2019! A copy of her final thesis, 'Inequalities in health and wellbeing among elderly populations: A case study of Central Uganda' will soon be available for viewing online. Way to go Andrea!

  3. Aug. 28, 2019Research give-back is a success

    Andrea Rishworth, PhD candidate and Queen Elizabeth Scholar, writes report for research partner Reach One Touch One Uganda.  As part of the co-production of knowledge and meaningful partnerships, Andrea has provided ROTOM with a copy of research results that they can now use to advocate for the needs of the seniors they serve.

    Read the full report (pdf) for more information.

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  1. Oct. 17 to 19, 2019Canadian Conference for Global Health
    Logo for the Canadian Society for International Health

    The 2019 Canadian Conference on Global Health (CCGH) is taking place October 17th - 19th in Ottawa, Ontario. Students, researchers, policy makers, and stakeholders are all welcome to attend, and to submit abstracts...

  2. Oct. 25 to 26, 2019Canadian Association of Geographers - Ontario Division (CAGONT)
    CAGONT logo

    The purpose of CAGONT is to support the objectives of the Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG) in the encouragement of geographic study, teaching, research and application, especially in Ontario.

    CAGONT 2019 will be hosted by...

  3. May 25 to 29, 2020Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Meeting
    Canadian Association of Geographers logo

    2020 Annual General Meeting & Conference

    The 2020 CAG Annual Meeting will be held at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, from May 25 to 29, 2020, in conjunction with the Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives (ACMLA) and the Canadian Cartographic Association (CCA)...

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  1. June 17, 2019The Waterlupus Hack Experience

    “What’s a hackathon?”

    As we shared our research plans with colleagues and potential participants, we were asked this question many times over the last 6 months! Even after spending so much time learning what to expect through the planning process, the hackathon experience and its outcomes exceeded my expectations.

    Health hackathons are multidisciplinary events that bring together a diverse group of stakeholders to solve key health challenges through a process of co-creation – the term itself combines ‘hack’ (i.e., a solution reached through innovation) and ‘marathon’ (i.e., an event of defined length and concentrated effort), emphasizing the rapid development of small but scalable solutions that can be expanded following the event...

  2. Apr. 22, 2019My PhD journey as a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholar (QES) with 'diverse titles'
    Collecting water during field work in Kenya

    I am stepping back to write this post after receiving an acceptance note for the final version of my thesis on UWSpace, a University of Waterloo thesis repository. This comes up after successfully defending my PhD Dissertation and incorporating comments from my examiner and the supervisory committee. The time therefore seems quite ripe to really think through the many aspects of my training that worked well and those that did not, and the lessons learned from them. The intention here is to share my experiences as a QES and to demonstrate some approaches that enable me carry through the pressures of being a student, a mother, a wife, and a woman of African origin penetrating the Western culture...

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Susan Elliott is a health geographer whose primary area of research focuses on relationships between environment and health, broadly defined...