GSA Department Council Elections and Nominations

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

56The Graduate Student Association is holding elections to fill vacancies. Each department is entitled to elect a graduate student representative to the GSA Council – the recognized voice of graduate students at the University of Waterloo. The GSA Council is a forum for discussing and making decisions on academic and social/political issues relating to graduate study at UW.

There are vacancies in the following departments:

Arts: Anthropology, Classical Studies, Fine Arts, German & Slavic Studies, Global Governance, MDEI, Religious Studies

Engineering: MBET

Science: Physics & Astronomy

Theology: Catholic Thought, Theological Studies

Nominations are now open and will remain open until 5pm on June 15. If only one person is nominated to the position, that person will be acclaimed and no election will be held.

Council normally meets on the second or third Wednesday of the month from 4pm to 6pm, except in December when no meeting is held.

This year, the GSA has reformed its governance structure, increasing the influence that Council has on policy and advocacy. There are a variety of new opportunities to play an expanded role in improving the graduate experience.

If interested, please apply online. For questions, please contact the Student Affairs Officer at

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