President & CEO

Portrait of Naima Samuel, GSA President.Naima Samuel is an MA student in the department of Recreation and Leisure Studies at the University of Waterloo. Prior to enrolling at University of Waterloo, Naima worked 5 years in South Korea as a manager of international programs and strategic planning. Naima has a BSc in Information Systems and an MBA in Information Technology.  Her areas of interest include strategic planning, business administration, systems dynamics, information management and internationalization in higher education. She is passionate about using technology to solve problems, improving business processes, building relationships, and advocating for graduate students. As the President of the Graduate Student Association at University of Waterloo, Naima plans to strengthen the internal structure of the organization, and develop and implement strategies for accomplishing Ends, meeting student needs, improving services, and advocating on behalf of graduate students. 

Graduate Student Association - University of Waterloo

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