Robert Bruce portrait.

Robert Bruce

GSA President

Having completed his Master of Arts in Communication Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, Robert has come to the University of Waterloo to pursue a Master of Environmental Studies in the School of Planning.

Portrait of Jessica Brake.

Jessica Brake

GSA Vice President

Jessica Brake is currently enrolled in a Masters of Arts in the department of Recreation and Leisure studies. Her research focuses on Interorganizational Relationships between non-profit sport organizations and municipalities.

Norman Kearney seated on steep stairs by a blue building.

Norman M. Kearney

Student Affairs Officer

Norman is a PhD student in the School of Environment, Resources, and Sustainability (expected 2019). He studies how social identities, ideologies, and practices interact to generate conflicts that prevent sustainable development, and how they can change.

Indi Madar portrait wearing a blue sweater.

Indi Madar

Communications and Marketing Officer

Indi is a Master’s student in the School of Environment, Enterprise, and Development. Her research focuses on the potential connections between fintech (financial technology) models, impact investments that seek positive social-ecological impacts as well as financial returns, and the Canadian credit union sector.

Portrait of Sondra Eger.

Sondra Eger

External Affairs officer - CASA

I am currently enrolled in a Social and Ecological Sustainability PhD program within the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability (SERS).My doctoral project involves working from a environmental governance perspective, to develop principles and specific strategies for fostering tightly linked feedback system between scienc

Max Salman by a lake wearing a blue jacket and sunglasses.

Max Salman

External Affairs Officer - OGSA

Max is enrolled in a Masters of Earth Sciences program specializing in Geophysics. The main focus of his project is to use geophysical techniques to assist in precision agriculture, with the goal of increasing yield and crop quality by mapping soil texture, composition, and moisture.

photo of serxho Selmani

Serxho Selmani

Director (tern ends April 2018)

Serxho Selmani is a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Chemistry. His research focuses on organic synthesis, liquid crystal alignment and carbon nanotube purification and alignment for use in electronic devices. He obtained his BSc. in Honours Chemistry at the University of Windsor.

photo of Michael Cao

Michael Cao

Director (tern ends April 2018)

Michael Cao is currently beginning his 3rd term in the MSc Neuroscience program in the faculty of Applied Health Sciences. His thesis in vision and hand coordination looks to identify object features that are optimally perceived by the human eye.

photo of Shannon Callender

Shannon Callender

Director (tern ends April 2018)

Hi friends, I am a PhD candidate at the School of Pharmacy exploring the highly untapped potential of microemulsion systems in multi-drug delivery. I previously completed my Honours BSc in Biochemistry and Health Studies (Double Major) at the University of Toronto in 2013.

portrait of Savio D'Silva

Savio D'Silva

Director (term ends April 2017)

I am a new graduate student at Waterloo, having started my first term this fall. I recently completed my undergraduate degree from the University of Northern British Columbia having earned degrees in mathematics and physics.

photo of Ghazal Memartoluie

Ghazal Memartoluie

Director (term ends April 2017)

PhD Candidate, Economics - I served as a member of the GSA Activity Committee in 2013, and I served as Vice President External from May 2014 to April 2015. I represented University of Waterloo at three different levels of Federal, Provincial and Municipal through Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA), Ontario Graduate Students’ Alliance (OGSA) and Town and Gown.

photo of Robert Pangborn

Robert Pangborn

Director (term ends April 2017)

Robert Pangborn is a Masters of Environmental Science (MES) candidate in the Sustainability Management Program of the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (S.E.E.D.).   His research focuses on the ability of music festivals to make transformational changes within communities allowing for a more sustainable future.

photo of Christopher Pugh

Christopher Pugh

Director, Board Chair (term ends April 2017)

Dear Graduate Student Membership, first of all, thank you for taking the time to investigate the directors who will represent you on the Graduate Student Association Board of Directors. This organization is very important for the graduate students not only as a maintainer of our health plan, but also as a lobby organization for graduate student rights.

photo of Jae Kang

Jae Kang

Director (tern ends April 2018)

I received my BASc degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo (2015), and throughout my undergraduate studies, I have become accustomed to complying with various laws and policies; a civil engineer must comply with regulations and design codes provided by municipal, provincial and federal governments when designing buildings and infrastructure.

Director Nomination form-2017

Call for nominations is open now until March 24th!  Submit your nomination form to the GSA Office in COM 130 before 3PM.

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