Chair of Board

Portrait of Rebecca Stirling.Rebecca (she/her) is an MSc candidate in the Earth and Environmental Sciences department. Her research in the Northwest Territories (NWT) looks at controls of bedrock relief and sediment thickness on ice flow and dispersion in glaciated terrain. Currently, Rebecca is the GSA Board Chair. She also currently serves on the Project Review Committee for GSEF, and recently completed a directorship with a community organization.  She volunteered in various non-profit organizations (including Special Olympics, community museums,  and employment services for people with physical disabilities to name a few) student associations (including president of her departmental union during undergraduate studies).  She cherished her time as captain and coach of an outrigger canoe racing team.  Rebecca worked for non-profit groups, and in a professional capacity in industry for several years in BC and NWT.  Rebecca's passion is three fold: to make a positive contribution to her community through service, to support others in their pursuit of communication and leadership goals, and to encourage physically and mentally safe work environments. 

University of Waterloo

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