Rebecca Stirling


Portrait of Rebecca Stirling.I am a 2nd year Masters student in the Earth and Environmental Sciences department researching glacial entrainment mechanisms and dispersal processes in complex glacial regions.  I volunteered for almost two decades in non-profit organizations and student associations, and worked in a professional capacity in industry for several years in British Columbia and NWT. My goal is to advance the board’s vision for the GSA by helping develop broad policy based on shared values.  Healthy dialogue that respectfully shares diverse opinions is the key to achieving this.  Currently I am an Earth and Environmental Sciences masters’ candidate, and also review projects for the GSEF and coach Special Olympics athletes.  At my undergraduate university, I served as treasurer and president for clubs and associations.  During the first year of an industry-operations start-up, I developed safety and performance monitoring programs using a proactive and constructive approach.  I also empowered team leads to reach their prescribed ends through their own means.  My experience will serve the GSA well as is moves through changes in the coming year.  Strong leadership is needed to provide global direction for long-term goals; in me, you will get a collaborative, curious professional accountable to you, and dedicated to fostering a positive atmosphere.

University of Waterloo

Territorial Acknowledgement

We, the Graduate Student Association - University of Waterloo, acknowledge that we live and work on the traditional territory of ‎ the Attawandaron (Neutral), Anishinaabeg and Haudenosaunee peoples. The University of Waterloo is situated on the Haldimand Tract, the land promised to the Six Nations that includes ten kilometers on each side of the Grand River. 

Final Report on Student Mental Health

Final Report on Student Mental Health.

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