Schlegel Award for Research in Aging

Award type: 
Scholarships, Financial need awards/bursaries, Research specific awards
Award description: 

In 2004, Dr. Ron Schlegel, former faculty member and long-time friend and supporter of the University of Waterloo, established an annual research award for students studying in the area of aging within the graduate program in Health. 

This award will be awarded to outstanding students with financial need. Academic merit will be based on first year graduate studies standing. This is an Ontario Student Opportunities Trust Fund (OSOTF) Award, open to Ontario residents. 

The final selection will be made by the Faculty of Health Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research.

Value description: 

Varies from $4,000 to $6,000, however the value and/or number of Awards may change from year to year.

Eligibility & selection criteria: 
  • Must be enrolled in their second year or higher (minimum fourth term) in a graduate program in the Faculty of Health and demonstrate academic merit.
  • Must be a Canadian Citizen/Permanent Resident, as well as an Ontario resident (must have resided in Ontario for 12 months prior to beginning their post - secondary education).
  • Must apply to OSAP for the term in which the award is due and provide a printout (screenshot) of their OSAP Funding Summary. Note: If a student has been restricted from applying to OSAP then they must instead provide proof that they are restricted.
  • Must have demonstrated financial need. From their budget, within the Graduate Student Award application, their “Current term expenses” must exceed their “Current term income”. All amounts entered will be reviewed and only standard expenses will be allowed.
  • Must be conducting studies in the area of Aging and demonstrate this in the personal letter portion of their application.
Masters, Doctoral
Health→Health Studies/Gerontology, Kinesiology and Health Sciences, Public Health Sciences, Recreation & Leisure Studies
Canadian/Permanent resident
Selection process: 
Application required
Application details:
  • Graduate Award Application
    • Complete the Graduate Student Award application
    • Attach required documentation (as per the application form)
    • Submit your complete application package to Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA) by the appropriate term deadline below
Application deadline: 
June 1
Contact person: