Claudio Cañizares - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Claudio Cañizares is a University Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and holds the Hydro One Endowed Chair. He has made exceptional contributions to teaching, supervising graduate students, research, and administration. Over the last 25 plus years, Dr. Cañizares has supervised 29 undergraduate students, 58 graduate students (MASc/PhD), and 87 research fellows. He is currently supervising/co-supervising about 8 graduate students. Dr. Cañizares has made exceptional contributions to the scholarship in his field with over 130 journal papers, 11 patents and disclosures, and 82 refereed conference papers among many other publications, most of which he has co-authored with his students. He is a highly regarded researcher in his field, serving as the keynote speaker at events around the world. In addition to his academic work, Dr. Cañizares has served on many committees and has held several administrative positions including being the current Executive Director of the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy (WISE), in addition to past positions such as the Associate Chair, Research in the ECE Department, Associate Director of WISE, and Deputy Chair in the ECE Department.

Dr. Cañizares has dedicated his career to research and the enrichment of his students. His passion for his work, professionalism and ethics is reflected in all that he does. His expectations of his students are high, and he spends the time and resources needed to ensure that each of his students reaches their greatest potential. His students go on to be practicing engineers, professors, deans, VPs of technology and other impressive accomplishments both in industry and academia. The impact he leaves on those he meets is tremendous and clear from the many letters of support that were written by both his colleagues and former students for this prestigious recognition. Perhaps it was put best by one of his former students – "He is a truly remarkable human being, mentor, leader, and researcher with deep motives to enhance the research and learning environment at the ECE Department and the University of Waterloo as a whole."

Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision winners