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Winter 2023

Title of study Name of graduate student Participant requirements
Towards Understanding Perceptions and Barriers of Having Non-Traditional Backgrounds in SE Ken Jen Lee

We seek participants (18 and older) who have extensive experience (a post-secondary degree/diploma or 3+ years of work experience) in a field other than software development/engineering, and who

  • currently work as a software developer, OR
  • are currently studying software development, OR 
  • previously worked in or studied software development, AFTER their experience in another field

Examining the Underlying Mechanisms of Dynamic Visual Acuity

Heather Hudecki Must be a healthy adult aged 18-35, with normal or corrected-to-normal vision.

Fall 2022 

Title of study Name of graduate student Participant requirements
Modelling Activities of Daily Living Using Smart Home Technologies Kang Wang Must be 18 years or older

Can we achieve ‘high-quality’ weight loss through supplementation and exercise? The TRIM Study

Julian Surdi 18-45 years old, sedentary (1 or less exercise session), overweight/obese individuals, females with regular menstrual cycle