What is GRADtalks?

GRADtalks is a series of research talks featuring two University of Waterloo doctoral students, speaking about a common theme from their research perspectives.  A typical GRADtalks event is organized as such:

3:30-3:45 p.m. - introduction and welcoming remarks

3:45-4:05 p.m. - first speaker (often includes PowerPoint presentation)

4:05-4:25 p.m. - second speaker (often includes PowerPoint presentation)

4:25-4:45 p.m. - question and answer

4:45-5:30 p.m. - wine and cheese

Why participate?

GRADtalks provides a meaningful and collaborative setting for Waterloo graduate students to highlight their remarkable research.  Speakers are also awarded a GRADtalks Research Dissemination Award, valued at $500.

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GRADtalks 2019

  • GRADtalks: Technology and Health
    • Thursday, April 4
      Inspired by Dr. Strickland’s Nobel prize-winning work, this session of GRADtalks focuses on the broad topic of Technology and Health.  What fundamental research is under development today? How will  that research potentially redefine healthcare in the future? How is technology being applied?
  • GRADtalks: Feeding the Future (and People's Choice vote)
    • Thursday, June 6
      As the global population escalates and the impacts of climate change are realized, how will we feed the planet? What are University of Waterloo graduate students discovering now – from research spanning agriculture and food production; foods, nutrition and health; food safety, food security and sustainability; to global food systems –that will inform the future? 
  • GRADtalks: The Role of the University on the Modern World
    • Thursday, Sepetmber 26
      More details coming soon!
  • GRADtalks: The Future of Healing
    • Thursday, November 28
      More details coming soon!

Previous GRADtalks Events

Univeristy of Waterloo's GRADtalks speakers series began in 2017 as a way for doctoral students to share their research with a broader audience. Since this time, we have had eight GRADtalks events take place and over fifteen students participate and share their research. 

Would you like to learn more about our previous GRADtalks events? Visit our webpage for a complete list of topics and speakers.