The Graduate student e-news is emailed every Thursday to registered graduate students. The subscription process occurs automatically for students who become fees arranged. It is published by Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs in collaboration with partners from across campus and contains valuable information about:

  • News and events
  • Academic dates and deadlines
  • Awards and funding opportunities
  • Training and career workshops
  • Current graduate research studies
  • Did you know?

Graduate student e-news submission guidelines

  • The e-news is sent to registered graduate students every Thursday and includes information for the one week period following (example: e-news sent on Thursday, January 11 will cover the week of January 15-19).
  • The submission deadline for content to be included in the upcoming e-news is the Tuesday prior to each e-news release date.  Content should be submitted via the Graduate student e-news submission request web form.
  • Content submitted for the e-news should be no longer than 250 characters (including spaces) and include at least one hyperlink.
  • Information included in the e-news should pertain to all graduate students.
  • Requests for repeated submission entries will not be included, as the weekly publication date is designed to reflect "just enough, just in time" information.

Sample submissions, tips and tricks

Sample submissions:

  • News and updates
    • Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) can now be entered into Quest and need to be included for tax documents. For more information, visit the Finance web page.
  • Events and workshops - sample submission:
    • Nov 7: Discuss strategies to establish positive relationships with your students by attending our Building Rapport with Students (CTE1203) workshop and undergraduate student panel.

Tips and tricks:

  • Be sure to include both a title and description in your submission.
  • Show how your event/workshop relates to graduate students (i.e. how can they benefit, or what will they take away?).
  • Include things like application open/closing dates, service updates, workshops, events, etc.
  • Be sure to include hyperlinks with a meaningful landing place (i.e. link to event descriptions as opposed to login pages for WaterlooWorks and Portal).
  • GSPA will determine where to include the hyperlink in you submission.
  • For examples of previous e-news submissions, visit the archive page (MailChimp).

Spring 2022 issues

To review previously published versions of the e-news, visit the archive page (MailChimp).

If you have questions or comments about the Graduate student e-news, please contact Tasha Glover